Benedek & Ticehurst provides complete landscape architectural services to our clients. These services can include:


Landscape Design

Our expertise and experience cover a broad range of landscaped environments. Our work can be seen on some of the finest residential, equestrian, commercial, institutional, and public properties. Master plans and budgets are prepared to ensure that our clients are an integral part of the process.


Site Selection Studies

This service enables our clients to make the best and most informed decisions regarding a site's specific opportunities and constraints. Detailed studies are performed that include site analysis, land use feasibility, programming, budgeting, and master planning.


Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Consulting

Landscape projects frequently require extensive municipal review and agency approval. Benedek & Ticehurst is fully experienced and credentialed to assist clients throughout this process. We can assemble and coordinate a team of professional consultants (i.e. architectural, engineering, environmental) to ensure that the process is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.


We provide the necessary documentation and representation required at meetings of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Architectural Review Board, Wetlands Commission, and Conservation Board among others.


Construction, Observation, and Management

Benedek & Ticehurst assumes a major role in the bidding and construction process. As your representative, we can assist in the selection of competent and qualified contractors, solicit and review the contract proposals, and issue contracts, per your authorization.

We make frequent visits to the site during the course of construction, or at other requested times, to observe contractors' work. This service also includes reviewing all contractor payment requests and certifying compliance with the construction documents.